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KABZAA (2023) Bollywood Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews

Kabzaa” is a riveting 2023 Bollywood movie that delves into the dark underbelly of the Indian underworld during the pre-independence era. Directed by R. Chandru, this action-packed drama stars Upendra in the lead role, portraying a formidable gangster whose rise to power is marked by intense battles, strategic alliances, and deep betrayals. The film also features Shriya Saran and Kiccha Sudeep in pivotal roles, enhancing the narrative with their compelling performances.


Release Year2023
GenreAction, Drama
DirectorR. Chandru
CastUpendra, Shriya Saran, Kiccha Sudeep, Murali Sharma, and others
Plot SummarySet against the backdrop of the pre-independence era in India, “Kabzaa” tells the gripping tale of Arkeshwara, a freedom fighter who becomes a feared don in the underworld. As he navigates the complexities of power, betrayal, and familial ties, the film delves into his transformation and the impact of his actions on those around him. The narrative intertwines historical elements with high-octane action sequences, exploring themes of loyalty, justice, and legacy.
Key ThemesPower, Loyalty, Betrayal, Justice, Legacy
Visual StylePeriod-specific settings with intense action choreography and dramatic cinematography.
Critical ReceptionReceived mixed to positive reviews for its engaging storyline, action sequences, and performances, though some noted the film’s length and pacing issues.

KABZAA (2023) Songs

TitleSingersMusic Composer
Kabzaa Theme SongInstrumentalRavi Basrur
Rama Rama ReVijay Prakash, Anuradha BhatRavi Basrur
Alladsu AlladsuVijay PrakashRavi Basrur
Nee SiguvareguShreya GhoshalRavi Basrur
Bombe HelutaiteSid SriramRavi Basrur


Shriya SaranMadhumathi
SudeepBhargav Bakshi
Kabir Duhan SinghGangster
ShivarajkumarSpecial Appearance

Short story

“Kabzaa” (2023) is a period action drama set against the backdrop of India’s pre-independence era, spanning from the 1940s to the 1980s. The film revolves around the journey of Arkeshwara, portrayed by Upendra, a freedom fighter who turns into a powerful gangster.

The story begins with Arkeshwara’s involvement in the freedom struggle against the British. His bravery and leadership qualities make him a revered figure among the people. However, post-independence, the complexities of power and politics lead Arkeshwara down a darker path.

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