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Mission Raniganj (2023) Full Movie

“Mission Raniganj” (2023) is a gripping Bollywood thriller that delves into a real-life disaster and the heroic rescue mission that followed. Set against the backdrop of a coal mine in Raniganj, the film follows the intense and dramatic efforts to save miners trapped deep underground following an unexpected collapse. Starring an ensemble cast, the movie blends raw emotions with suspenseful storytelling, highlighting themes of bravery, resilience, and human spirit in the face of dire adversity.

TitleMission Raniganj
Release Year2023
DirectorShujaat Saudagar
GenreDrama, Thriller
Main CastSuniel Shetty, Esha Deol, Chandan Roy Sanyal
Plot SummaryBased on true events, the film tells the story of a life-threatening mission to save miners trapped in a coal mine in Raniganj.
SettingRaniganj, India
ThemesHeroism, survival, resilience
ReceptionNoted for its gripping narrative and strong performances, especially by Suniel Shetty


1Jalsa 2.0Satinder SartaajComposed by Satinder Sartaaj
2JeetengeB PraakComposed by Arko
3Jeetenge RepriseStebin BenComposed by Arko
4KeemtiVishal MishraComposed by Kaushal Kishore
5Nanak Naam Jahaaz HaiGaurav Chatterji, Hansika PareekComposed by Gaurav Chatterji


Suniel ShettyLead Role
Esha DeolLead Role
Ravi KishanLead Role
Sonali KulkarniSupporting Role
Rahul DevSupporting Role
Aashim GulatiSupporting Role

short story

Mission Raniganj” (2023) is a gripping tale of courage and resilience based on true events surrounding a disastrous coal mine collapse in Raniganj, India. The film centers on a dedicated rescue coordinator, played by Akshay Kumar, who leads a challenging mission to save workers trapped nearly 300 feet below the surface. As time runs critically low and oxygen levels inside the mine diminish, the coordinator and his team work tirelessly against geological obstacles and mounting pressure from media and families. With a blend of technical expertise and human determination, they navigate through the precarious conditions of the unstable mine, revealing the heroism of those who risk their own lives for others. The story not only highlights the physical rescue efforts but also delves into the emotional and psychological impacts on the miners and their families, creating a tense, emotional narrative about survival and human spirit.

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