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Pathan full movie (2023) Bollywood Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews

“Pathan,” released in 2023, is a Bollywood spectacle that stars Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role, thrilling audiences with his return to the big screen. Directed by Siddharth Anand, the film presents an exhilarating narrative where Khan, as Pathan, a daring spy, emerges from exile to prevent a massive terrorist attack. With star-studded performances from Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, the film offers a perfect blend of intense action sequences, emotional depth, and cinematic splendor, securing its place as a must-watch for fans of high-stakes drama and spy thrillers.


Release Year2023
GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorSiddharth Anand
CastShah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham
SynopsisPathaan, a rogue RAW agent, is brought back from his exile to counter a formidable terror threat orchestrated by a mercenary outfit. Alongside Rubina, another agent, he embarks on a mission that spans various countries, involving high-stakes combat and strategic maneuvers. The film is lauded for its intense action and gripping narrative.
ThemesNationalism, Sacrifice, Betrayal, Resilience
Box Office ImpactAchieved major commercial success, marking one of the highest grossing films in Indian cinema
Critical ReceptionReceived mostly favorable reviews for its dynamic action sequences and lead performances, though faced some critique over narrative predictability


Besharam RangShilpa Rao, CaralisaVishal-Shekhar
Jhoome Jo PathaanArijit Singh, SukritiVishal-Shekhar
Pathaan’s ThemeInstrumentalSanchit Balhara,
Ankit Balhara
Jee Rahe The HumVishal DadlaniVishal-Shekhar


Shah Rukh KhanPathaan
Deepika PadukoneRubai
John AbrahamJim
Ashutosh RanaColonel Sunil Luthra
Dimple KapadiaN/A

Pathaan,” a 2023 Bollywood blockbuster, stars Shah Rukh Khan as the titular character, a charismatic yet mysterious ex-RAW agent who is pulled back into action to thwart a catastrophic terror attack planned by a rogue faction. The mastermind behind this plot is Jim, played by John Abraham, a formidable former agent with a personal vendetta against India. As the situation escalates, Pathaan allies with Rubina, an ISI agent portrayed by Deepika Padukone. Together, they traverse the globe, from icy landscapes to bustling cities, in a nail-biting chase to secure a deadly bioweapon. The film is a thrilling blend of espionage, action-packed sequences, and deep-seated patriotism, leading to a climactic confrontation that tests Pathaan’s mettle and dedication to peace and justice.

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