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Shaakuntalam (2023) Bollywood Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews

“Shaakuntalam” is a 2023 Bollywood film that brings to life the timeless love story from the classic Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Directed by the acclaimed Gunasekhar, this cinematic adaptation centers around the romance between the beautiful forest-dwelling maiden Shakuntala, played by Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and King Dushyanta, portrayed by Dev Mohan. The film skillfully blends elements of myth and reality, transporting audiences to an ancient world through stunning visuals and powerful performances.


Release Year2023
GenreMythological Drama
CastSamantha Ruth Prabhu, Dev Mohan, Aditi Balan, Mohan Babu, and others
Plot Summary“Shaakuntalam” is based on the renowned Sanskrit play “Shakuntala” by Kalidasa. The film retells the timeless story of the love between Shakuntala and King Dushyanta, set in a lush, fantastical realm. It explores themes of love, destiny, and the intertwining of fate as Shakuntala tries to overcome the curse that causes her husband to forget her. The movie blends rich visual storytelling with elements of fantasy to bring the ancient epic to life.
Key ThemesLove, Fate, Memory, Mythology
Visual StyleLavish costumes, elaborate sets, and stunning visual effects designed to create a mythical atmosphere.
Critical ReceptionMixed reviews; praised for its visual grandeur but critiqued for pacing and execution of the narrative.

Shaakuntalam (2023) songs

TitleSingersMusic ComposerLyricist
MallikaSid Sriram, ChinmayiMani SharmaMegh Shastri
Shaakuntalam – TitleAnurag KulkarniMani SharmaMegh Shastri
KinnerasaniShreya Ghoshal, Manoj MMani SharmaAnanta Sriram
MaatheyChinmayiMani SharmaMegh Shastri
Jal KireedamSuchetha BasrurMani SharmaAnanta Sriram


Samantha Ruth PrabhuShakuntala
Dev MohanKing Dushyanta
Aditi BalanAnasuya
Mohan BabuSage Durvasa
Kabir BediMaharishi Kanva
Ananya NagallaPriyamvada
Prakash RajKing Bharata (cameo)

Short story

“Shaakuntalam” (2023) is a visually enchanting Bollywood retelling of the classic Indian mythological tale from Kalidasa’s Sanskrit play “Shakuntala.” The story follows the beautiful and innocent Shakuntala, daughter of a sage and a nymph, who lives in a mystical forest ashram. Her life takes a romantic turn when she meets and falls in love with King Dushyanta, who arrives at the ashram while hunting. After a brief courtship, they marry in a Gandharva-style ceremony, but soon, Dushyanta must return to his royal duties. Before leaving, he gives Shakuntala a royal ring as a token of his love. However, due to a curse from an angry sage, Dushyanta forgets about Shakuntala. The story then evolves around Shakuntala’s journey to prove her love and marriage, culminating in a reunion with Dushyanta through the recognition of the royal ring, which plays a pivotal role in restoring the king’s memory.

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