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Chhota Bheem And The Return Of Dragar (2023) Bollywood Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews

Chhota Bheem and the Return of Dragar” is a thrilling 2023 addition to the beloved Indian animated franchise centered around the adventures of Chhota Bheem, a courageous and immensely strong young boy. In this exciting installment, Bheem and his friends face a new challenge as the ancient villain Dragar returns to seek revenge. The film is set in the mythical land of Dholakpur, where Bheem must use his wit, strength, and the power of teamwork to thwart Dragar’s sinister plans. With its vibrant animation, engaging storyline, and a blend of humor and action, this movie continues to captivate the hearts of young audiences and families, delivering messages about bravery, friendship, and resilience.


TitleChhota Bheem and The Return of Dragar
Release Year2023
GenreAnimation, Adventure, Children’s Film
DirectorRajiv Chilaka
CastVoices of Sonal Kaushal, Rajesh Kava, Julie Tejwani, and others
Plot SummaryIn this thrilling sequel, Chhota Bheem faces off against the evil sorcerer Dragar who returns to seek revenge. Dragar threatens to unleash chaos on Dholakpur by capturing Princess Indumati, propelling Bheem and his friends on an epic quest to rescue her. The journey tests their bravery and friendship as they encounter new allies, magical obstacles, and exciting challenges. The film combines humor, action, and heart, appealing to a young audience while delivering messages about courage and teamwork.
Key ThemesBravery, Friendship, Good vs. Evil, Adventure
Visual StyleVibrant animation with colorful, dynamic scenes to captivate children and convey the story’s magical elements.
Critical ReceptionGenerally positive reviews for its engaging storytelling and appealing animation, especially praised by its young target audience.


TitleSingersMusic Composer
Bheem’s AdventureSunidhi ChauhanSunil Kaushik
Dragar’s SpellSunil Kaushik
Masti TimeShaan, Palak MuchhalSunil Kaushik
Hero BheemShaanSunil Kaushik


Voice ActorCharacter
Sonal KaushalChhota Bheem
Rajesh KavaJaggu
Julie TejwaniChutki
Sabina MalikIndumati
Jigna BhardwajRaju
Rupa BhimaniKaalia
MausamDholu and Bholu

Short story

Chhota Bheem and the Return of Dragar” (2023) is an animated adventure that sees the beloved hero, Chhota Bheem, facing off against a new formidable foe, Dragar, a mythical dragon who has returned to seek revenge on Dholakpur. As Dragar unleashes chaos and destruction, Bheem and his friends rally together to protect their village. The story highlights themes of bravery, teamwork, and the power of friendship as Bheem discovers new strengths and strategies to counter the dragon’s magical powers. With its vibrant animation and heartfelt moments, the film not only captivates the young audience but also teaches valuable lessons about courage and unity in the face of adversity.

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