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U-Turn (2023) Bollywood Movie: Cast, Story, and Reviews

U-Turn” is a 2023 Bollywood thriller that grips the audience with its suspenseful storyline and unexpected twists. Directed by Arif Khan, the film stars Alaya F in the lead role, showcasing her journey as a young journalist who stumbles upon a series of mysterious deaths connected to a particular U-turn on a bustling city road. As she delves deeper into the investigation, what starts as a straightforward journalistic inquiry spirals into a tangled web of supernatural occurrences and chilling revelations.


Release Year2023
DirectorArif Khan
CastAlaya F, Jennifer Piccinato, Sumeet Vyas, and others
Plot Summary“U-Turn” is a gripping thriller that follows the journey of a young female journalist who investigates a series of mysterious deaths linked to a particular U-turn on a busy highway. Her inquiry unveils more than just road accidents, leading her into a deep and dangerous conspiracy that challenges her ethics and courage, as she races against time to uncover the truth and save lives.
Key ThemesMystery, Investigation, Ethics, Survival
Visual StyleDark and suspenseful tone with a focus on intense, tightly framed shots to enhance the thriller vibe.
Critical ReceptionThe film has been appreciated for its engaging plot and suspenseful atmosphere, though some critics have called for tighter editing to enhance the narrative pace.

U-Turn (2023) Songs

TitleSingersMusic Composer
Keh Bhi DeArijit SinghAnirudh Ravichander
U-Turn Title TrackAnirudh RavichanderAnirudh Ravichander
Chal Wahin ChaleinShreya GhoshalAnirudh Ravichander
The Karma ThemeAnirudh RavichanderAnirudh Ravichander


Alaya F
Jennifer Winget
Shehnaaz Gill
Rahul Dev

Short story

U-Turn” (2023) is a gripping Bollywood thriller that follows the journey of a determined journalist, Rachana, played by Alaya F. She embarks on an investigation into a series of mysterious deaths linked to a particular U-turn on a bustling city road. As she delves deeper, Rachana uncovers unsettling truths that suggest a supernatural force might be at play. Her pursuit of the story becomes a personal quest for survival when she finds herself implicated in the deaths. The film blends suspense with the supernatural, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as Rachana races against time to unravel the curse behind the deadly U-turn before it claims her as its next victim.

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